About Corozon consulting services

Corozon consulting servicesHere at Corozon consulting we bring over 30 years of experience in the data centre and IT industry to help guide you and your business in the digital age. We do not sell data centre services, we don’t build data centres and we don’t operate data centres, but we do help businesses to understand them and to find the best solution for them be it on premise solutions, colocation, hosting, managed services, cloud or a blend of some or all of these offerings.

At Corozon consulting, we don’t just advise on data centres though – we are not just another data centre consultant. Of course we can offer advise on data centre design, data centre operation and on data centre best practice, but we offer much more than that. Our focus is not on the data centre, it is on the data. We help businesses to protect their data through data security, data protection, data retention processes and through appropriate use of data centre facilities.

Corozon consulting offers business solutions for business challenges. Data is at the very heart of any modern business. The digital age is now.  Understanding the criticality of data to the business is the first step in protecting the data, securing it and retaining it are the ultimate goals. Corozon consulting services will help your business do just that.