Business Consultancy

Working with you at the heart of your business

Many small businesses aren’t looking for any specialised services but would just like a bit of support. Running a small business is lonely at the top and it can be difficult to share your challenges and concerns. Often business owners don’t want to talk to colleagues or industry peers because they don’t want to expose their concerns or ambitions, but they would like to talk to someone. At Corozon Business Concierge we offer a confidential business consultancy service that is designed to do just that. We know what it’s like to run a small business. We understand the staff challenges, the financial challenges and the barriers to expansion or growth. Everyone connected with Corozon Business Concierge has run, or been very involved with running, a small business – many more than one. We genuinely understand what it is like to have to make decisions that will fundamentally change your business and how difficult it can be to do make these decisions on your own, whilst you don’t have anyone else to talk to.


Don’t face business challenges on your own. Talk to us. Tell us what you are facing, whether that be a challenge that is making business life difficult or a challenge that is impacting growth, talk to us about those challenges and we’ll do our best to help. Sometimes it is not more than bending our ear – that’s fine too. Don’t feel isolated and alone. Don’t let business challenges get you down. Even when you don’t think there is a way around your particular challenge, there almost always is. Running a business can be challenging, it can be lonely, it can be difficult … but it can also be rewarding, exhilarating, financially rewarding and personally satisfying – often allowing you to have a perfect life/work balance. There is nothing more exciting than running your own business but sometimes you might just like a little help and that’s what were there to do.


Whatever your business needs, Corozon Business Concierge works with you at the heart of your business.



Let us worry about your books whilst you get on with what you do best


Credit Control

Invoicing is great, getting paid is better! Let us chase your money


Business Consultancy

Thinking about growing the business? Maybe you’d just like some support. We can help


Web Development

Your website is your shop window. We’ll help you get to the top of the search engines



You know your business but sometimes it can be difficult to describe it. We can help


Digital Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web campaigns. We can help you get a return on investment


HR Support

HR or Human Resources is a difficult area for many small businesses. We can offer cost effective solutions.



How much are you paying for your telephony? Too much? Probably. We will source an appropriate solution according to your need.  


Virtual PA Services

Many small business owners need admin support in numerous areas. A Virtual PA can be a great solution for many. 


IT Support

Most small businesses don’t have internal IT support … and why would they with so many specialist areas? We can supply the right expertise. 

Other Business Support

  Whatever you need, we will have a solution, so Contact Us today! 


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