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In the digital age, digital marketing is a critical element of promoting any business. Digital marketing is relevant to every electronic device that accesses the internet and is about exploiting those devices to drive traffic towards your business.


Many small business owners struggle with digital marketing, quite understandably. Should I have a Twitter account and, if so, what should I Tweet to drive people towards my business? What about Facebook, should I have a dedicated Facebook page and what would I put on it and how often should I post to it? How do I use email effectively to promote my business and how do I avoid falling foul of GDPR? What about Pinterest or Instagram, and when am I going to get time to do all of this when I’m trying to run my business?


What about web campaigns and will they be any good for my business. How do I measure the Return On Investment (ROI), can I actually see the value of digital marketing for my business? Many small business owners struggle with these questions and more. The whole digital marketing thing can be daunting and difficult to understand. The truth is that not all digital marketing channels will suit all businesses and understanding what might work for your business is a skill in itself.


Social media marketing, content marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliate programmes, online PR, email marketing and inbound marketing are just some of the types of digital marketing that exist. Just finding your way through this maze of options and determining what is right for your business is challenging in itself. Finding the time to act on your findings is a whole different challenge. At Corozon Business Concierge we can help you to find a digital marketing partner who will understand your business, understand what might work best for you and work with you at a competitive price to delivery your digital marketing needs.



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Credit Control

Invoicing is great, getting paid is better! Let us chase your money


Business Consultancy

Thinking about growing the business? Maybe you’d just like some support. We can help


Web Development

Your website is your shop window. We’ll help you get to the top of the search engines



You know your business but sometimes it can be difficult to describe it. We can help


Digital Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web campaigns. We can help you get a return on investment


HR Support

HR or Human Resources is a difficult area for many small businesses. We can offer cost effective solutions.



How much are you paying for your telephony? Too much? Probably. We will source an appropriate solution according to your need.  


Virtual PA Services

Many small business owners need admin support in numerous areas. A Virtual PA can be a great solution for many. 


IT Support

Most small businesses don’t have internal IT support … and why would they with so many specialist areas? We can supply the right expertise. 

Other Business Support

  Whatever you need, we will have a solution, so Contact Us today! 


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