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HR or Human Resources is a difficult area for many small businesses. Managing staff contracts, dealing with personnel issues and understanding employment legislation can be daunting. There are a number of companies that offer HR services on a contract retainer basis but they can be expensive. In many cases businesses are required to sign up to long contract terms, often up to five years, with high monthly costs just to service what is often a short term need. At Corozon Business Concierge we have found that the reason many small businesses sign up to these contracts is when they have a very specific need. For example, they need to terminate an employee’s employment but are nervous about doing something wrong that might result in an Employment Tribunal. Or a member of staff is about to embark on a long term sickness period and they want to understand what their obligations are. These contracts are generally expensive and completely avoidable.


HR support doesn’t have to come in the form of a long term contract with a specialist HR company. There are other solutions. It is possible to employ an HR consultant to address a specific task and this is like to cost far, far less than one of the long term contracts. Understanding what type of HR support is needed and then finding it can be difficult and this is where Corozon Business Concierge comes in. Through our network of business support specialists we can find the right consultant to suit the specific business need and introduce you to them. If you have already signed up to a long term contract with a specialist HR company and want to ensure that it doesn’t roll on after the initial term, we can help you identify that cancellation period, diarise it and ensure you are released as soon as is possible.


Whatever your HR Support needs, Corozon Business Concierge works with you at the heart of your business.



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HR Support

HR or Human Resources is a difficult area for many small businesses. We can offer cost effective solutions.



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