Services from CorozonAt Corozon we have just one aim – to help your business to protect against data loss. We have over 30 years of experience in data centre environments, but that is only a part of the solution. An on-premise computer room may be the best environment for your business, a hosted (or colocation) solution might be the right approach, or managed services or cloud might suit your business better – the probability is that a blend of these options will be the best solution for your business. But it isn’t ¬†about the data centre, it is about the data. Your data is the lifeblood of you business. It is critical to the very survival of the business. Without the data, there is very probably no business to protect. At Corozon we understand this. We understand the criticality of the data in a digital age – and that is why we support you through our understanding of data centres, our understanding of data protection, of data security and, most important of all, of data retention. We offer solutions that we are confident will help your business prosper in a digital age.