Cloud versus Data Centre versus Colocation

Cloud versus data centre decisions can be complexCloud versus data centre is a challenge that many businesses face today. Does the cloud offer more flexibility, is it more scalable (both up and down), can it offer more tools to the business at lower cost? What about security? Is my data safe and secure in the cloud? Would I be better off hosting my IT equipment in my own on-premise data centre, or would it be better in a purpose built ‘colocation’ facility? These are difficult questions and there is no easy answer.

What is right for your business may not be right for another. The difficulty in deciding what is right for your business is compounded by the sheer number of cloud providers, data centre operators and different models that exist. Another challenge is that different providers use different terms. What is the difference between ‘smart hands’ and ‘remote hands’? What is the difference between ‘private managed cloud’ and ‘managed services’? What is the difference between ‘data centre hosting’ and ‘colocation’?

At Corozon we have over 30 years of experience of working both in and within the data centre industry. We understand the differences between the various technologies that are available and what the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions may be. Because we are independent and we don’t sell any of these services, we can offer informed impartial advice to help you reach the best decision for your business. If you are struggling with a decision about what is best, cloud versus data centre versus colocation (or any other offering) we can help. Why not talk to Corozon about your business needs.