Data Centre Design for Operation

Data centre design should always be for operationData centre design is incredibly important. The facility should be designed with operation in mind. Data centres are very often seen as large mechanical and electrical environments. This is true, but the purpose of the data centre is not to have a large mechanical and electrical installation, it is to support the IT equipment that enables your business to operate well. At Corozon we understand this.

Data centres should be designed for operation. Too often the data centre design is led by a firm of mechanical and electrical engineers who have no experience whatsoever of managing or running a data centre. In fact, it is not unusual for the engineers that design a data centre to not understand the IT equipment at all. This is not good for the long term operation. In order to truly understand the facility, one needs to understand the way in which a data centre should operate – this includes the flow of people, the flow of equipment and the way in which the equipment should be installed.

Very often data centres are designed by mechanical and electrical engineering firms with a pre-conceived idea that all IT equipment draws air from front to back. This is rarely the case. Some older (legacy) equipment draws air from bottom to top or from side to side (or a number of other configurations) and these must be catered for. Data centre design should take into account the fact that all businesses, not matter what they do, are likely to have some equipment that is ‘non-standard’ and must be managed differently. ¬†At Corozon we understand data centres and we can help you with ensuring that the data centre design meets your needs.