Data Centre Environment

The data centre environment must be right for your businessThe data centre environment affects everything from the bills that you pay (whether it is your own on-premise data centre or you are using someone else’s) to the efficiency of how your IT equipment works. A very well built data centre that is operated poorly will result in an inefficient facility and, subsequently, higher operating costs. If it is your own computer room, it will cost you more to run, if it is someone else’s data centre, it will make your bills higher.

The data centre environment is not just about the efficiency of operation, it incorporates security, power, cooling, fire protection and detection, it is about where it is, what is nearby, whether there are any risks associated with either the location or the building. The data centre environment is one of the most important considerations when determining whether a particular facility is right for your business.

At Corozon we are highly experienced in carrying out due diligence around data centre environments, and we offer years of experience in reporting on facilities in the UK, Europe and beyond. Our due diligence reports have been used by companies considering outsourcing their computer room requirements into a colocation service, companies considering managed services to save on internal operational costs and for companies considering purchasing a data centre.

If you would like an independent, unbiased, review of either your own computer room, or of a data centre that you are considering using or even purchasing, Corozon will provide you with a comprehensive report written in plain language that you can rely on in making your decisions.