Data Centre Operation and Best Practice

Data centre operation is about efficiency, safety and managing riskThe best built data centre in the world is only as good as the data centre operation. Data centres are environments that must be operated well in order to maximise their efficiency and to ensure that the cost of operation is kept to a minimum. Operation isn’t just about efficiency though, it is about process, procedure and best practice. That is where Corozon comes in. At Corozon we have many years of experience of data centre operation and we have helped our clients to introduce best practice into their facilities and into their day to day running of the environment.

Best practice is about more than just efficiency though. Data centre operation is about ensuring that appropriate security is in place, that deliveries and collections are handled properly, that health and safety is observed and that the environment is not placed at risk.

Data centres typically use large amounts of power, and that electricity can be dangerous if it is not treated with respect. When installing new equipment (or decommissioning old) there is always a risk to the operational environment, this is where well developed process and procedure comes in that ensures all risks are kept to a minimum and are properly managed. Corozon can help you to introduce operational process and procedure that will ensure your facility is efficient, safe and that all risks are managed and minimised.