Data Security for your business

Data security is at the heart of your businessData security is the single most important challenge in the digital age. Electronic data is at the very heart of every modern business. The data may be as simple as the company website, or some basic customer records, but it could be the company accounts – records of who owes you money and how to contact them – it might be your intellectual property or stock records … electronic data is at the very heart of most businesses. It is an unfortunate fact that 80% of businesses that suffer a significant data loss do not survive more than 24 months.

Security of the data is paramount. Data centres and computer rooms are designed (or should be) with security in mind, but it isn’t just about having proximity cards on the doors or 24 hour security on site, it is about much more. Who hasn’t logged into LinkedIn and seen that message of ‘People you may know’ and discovered that somewhere in the list is someone you had forgotten you even knew. How does that happen? Who has posted a photo of the family on Facebook only to get a ‘like’ from someone you haven’t seen for years? Data security encompasses both the physical security and the ‘logical’ security.

At Corozon we understand how important your data is to your business and we can help you to ensure that data security is maximised whilst not impeding your ability to run your business. Securing your data is one of the most important things you will ever do in your business. Corozon can help.