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Many small business owners rely heavily on internal secretarial support to help them run their business. When you are busy trying to deliver your services or products to your customers, it is important that there is someone back at base answering the phone, arranging your appointments, looking after the administration and generally providing personal assistance. What happens then, if that someone needs to take some time off for maternity or paternity leave, or maybe for treatment of an illness? Whether it is sudden and unexpected, or planned well in advance, losing that support can be devastating, even catastrophic for a small business. This is where a virtual PA comes in.


A Virtual PA will help you with your ‘todo’ list. They’ll step in to fill that void on a temporary basis. They generally won’t work full time for you but they’ll work part time and provide services as and when you want them. Generally with a Virtual PA you will procure a block of hours that you can use as and when you wish. This is a very cost effective way of using the services and is far cheaper generally than employing a ‘temp’ who might take time to get up to speed on your business. Virtual PAs are used to changing and supporting people in new environments, that’s one of their skills. They very quickly adapt to the way in which you want to work and are able to provide those services remotely whilst ensuring that you are getting exactly what you need.


A Virtual PA will fill the gap whilst your usual PA takes time away from the business, or whilst you recruit for a replacement for someone who has moved on or retired. A Virtual PA can help organise your diary, help with documents and powerpoints, help you manage email, help with any aspect of your business or personal life that you would normally ask your own PA to do. At Corozon Business Concierge we can help you find a Virtual PA to suit your business.



Let us worry about your books whilst you get on with what you do best


Credit Control

Invoicing is great, getting paid is better! Let us chase your money


Business Consultancy

Thinking about growing the business? Maybe you’d just like some support. We can help


Web Development

Your website is your shop window. We’ll help you get to the top of the search engines



You know your business but sometimes it can be difficult to describe it. We can help


Digital Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, web campaigns. We can help you get a return on investment


HR Support

HR or Human Resources is a difficult area for many small businesses. We can offer cost effective solutions.



How much are you paying for your telephony? Too much? Probably. We will source an appropriate solution according to your need.  


Virtual PA Services

Many small business owners need admin support in numerous areas. A Virtual PA can be a great solution for many. 


IT Support

Most small businesses don’t have internal IT support … and why would they with so many specialist areas? We can supply the right expertise. 

Other Business Support

  Whatever you need, we will have a solution, so Contact Us today! 


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