Why is the small print important?

How many calls do you get from people “just wanting to discuss your telephone systems”, or words to that effect. Most of us seem to get these calls on a regular basis but what of them? Generally they are companies that promise to save us money on our telephone costs. All very good, but do they? Looking at some of the ‘deals’ out there it appears that quite a few do the opposite.

Business X needed broadband and five individual telephone lines. They were approached by a telephone company with the “we can save you money on your call costs” line. That, obviously, sounded attractive. An appointment was made and the salesman duly turned up and began his spiel. He talked at length about the savings that could be made in call costs, how they treated calls to mobiles as just another call, how they charged a reduced rate for overseas calls (which the business never makes!) and even drew up a comparison with what the business was currently paying for calls and what they would cost with his company. It all looked like it was going to be a great saving and Business X signed up on the spot. What they didn’t do was to read the small print! Yes, the call costs were going to be cheaper but the broadband costs were going to be significantly higher than they were currently paying – funny how broadband, whilst always in the mix, had been brushed aside whenever it was brought up!

What was also not mentioned was that the contract had a minimum three year term and that the window for cancellation was tiny and needed to be done three months out from the end of the contract. Business X ended up paying almost double what it had been paying for a very poor internet, virtually no customer service (the provider became very litigeous after the contract was signed) and a few cheaper calls. Corozon Business Concierge was able to assist having diarised the window for cancellation and the business now enjoys a much faster and more reliable internet, five telephone lines (running over IP with a package of minutes included each month) and great customer service, all at less than half what they had originally been paying. The lesson here is that the small print might be boring but it is really, really important!

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